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tree trimming

When a tree is properly trimmed and maintained, it will stay healthier, grow better, reduce possible breakage during high winds or storms, and will improve the overall look of your land.

At Advanced Tree Services, we remove diseased, dying, or dead branches, as well as branches that are a hazard to the structures or people around the tree. Our technicians will consult with you regarding the best plan of action before they start, and your tree's age, health and location will all be taken into consideration.

tree removal

There are times when all the love and care in the world will no longer help a tree, and it must be removed. If the tree is dead, diseased beyond help, causing harm to surrounding trees or structures, or is potentially hazardous, then it is time for removal.

Sometimes, you may just want to change the look of your landscape, or need something that is easier to maintain.

Whatever your reason for needing a tree removed, Affordable Tree Care can help. We will consult with you before we begin to decide the best course of action. Our professional technicians will always employ the proper equipment, techniques, and safety measures for tree removal. We also haul away all debris, leaving your landscape clean and ready for new planting.


Stump removal

We provide stump removal as a stand-alone service, or as part of our tree removal procedure.

Note: When scheduling stump removal, please leave three feet of clear access around the stump for the best results.

Shrub trimming & Removal

Your shrubs are the accessories to your home; give them the attention they deserve! Whether they need a complete overhaul or just a little pick-me-up, Advanced Tree Services can spruce up your shrubs.

We will prune out dead, dying, or diseased sections, cut them back to maximize growth, remove hazardous sections, or simply shape them so they look their absolute best.

Emergency Services

Unfortunately, storms can bring down even the healthiest-looking trees or branches. If your trees have been victims to the strong winds of a storm, give us a call. We can clean up the debris and remove broken branches—or the entire tree if necessary.

We will also make sure that what remains of the tree is safe and not a risk to the structures, people, or other trees surrounding it, so you can continue to enjoy your tree without worry.


With our unmatched guarantee of performance along with friendly service, we set new standards by delivering our landscape installation and construction services — on-time, dependably, and responsively. We begin with your home’s look, feel, style, design, terrain, surrounding area, and elevations. Then we’ll combine and integrate the natural beauty of plants, trees, lawn, hardscapes and outdoor lighting. We use color, style, and texture in all our innovative designs to give the gift of life to your landscape.